Bitlink, the well-known cryptocurrency exchange founded in Singapore in the month of April 2023, is making waves around the world. With licenses from MAS as well as MSB, Bitlink is not only a trading platform, it’s a symbol of innovation and trust.

trading on Bitlink Exchange for depositing funds:

These steps will help you begin the process of depositing on Bitlink Exchange:

  • Log into your Bitlink account.
  • Click on”Accounts” in the “Account” section of the Bitlink interface.
  • Click on to open the Instant Account button.
  • Select “Deposit” from the choices.

On this page, you will find your Bitlink wallet. Your account balance at this date is at 0. To start trading it is necessary to transfer funds to this account. Pick the USDT currency. It is a commonly employed stablecoin used in the majority of digital transactions. Choose either the BSC BEP-20 or the TRC-20 network for lower transaction fees and faster processing.

When you’ve picked the appropriate option for currency and network, the system will display an individual USDT deposit address to you. The address should be copied precisely to prevent any errors. Make sure you transfer the USDT amount that you would like to transfer from your crypto money account (e.g. TrustWallet, MetaMask), or platforms for exchange (e.g. Remitano), to the USDT address copied.

Bitlink is a marketplace for buying and selling cryptocurrency.

It is possible to buy your preferred cryptocurrency by following these steps once BTK private sale you have successful depositing USDT to the account of your Bitlink trade accounts.

  • Pick”Trading View” or “Trading View” option to get a simple trading interface.
  • Explore the various options available to choose the trade option you prefer like BTC/USDT, for instance.
  • Trading order options are available in the right-hand corner of the trading interface from Bitlink. Following are the complete description of the various types of orders.
  • Limit Order: Create the price for selling or buying beforehand. The order is executed whenever the price is at or exceeds the price set which allows you to regulate the transaction price.
  • Market order: Buy or sell crypto instantly according to the price currently in the market. This ensures quick execution but is not able to control the transaction price.
  • Stop order Stop order an automated purchase that is placed after the market price is at the amount of the activated price. This order may contain a limit order and a stop price. Once the price is at the activation price, the order is put in place and then executed.

Pick the right type of trade based on the results you’re trying to accomplish and your trading strategy. Market orders are simple to complete, whereas stop orders automatically automate trades according to current market conditions.

Example Place a Buy order for BNB/USDT

  • Select the Order Type: Choose Buy Order (buy orders typically are priced lower than current market prices).
  • Set the Price and Quantity. Specify $207 as the amount and the quantity in BNB that you would like to buy (considering the total value, or 100%).
  • Review Order: Prior to accepting the purchase, be sure to review the information on your purchase for that it is accurate.
  • Confirm Order: Once verified you have confirmed the purchase. When your purchase is accepted the order will be processed in the order system.

The successfully placed orders in the “Instant Order” section.

Indrawing Money from Bitlink:

When you want to withdraw funds from Bitlink make sure you create the USDT BEP-20 or TRC-20 account via the Remitano platform in order to withdraw the funds.

Note: the last paragraph regarding the withdrawal of funds from Bitlink seems to be insufficient. If you’re looking for information on this aspect, please provide additional details or specific inquiries.)