Heiji exhibits that the code he despatched Kogoro had the letters lib, which means libra which is referring to the scales Libra and the lawyer badge Ito has; He explains that the code “Kogoro” replied with means to “Lure One in every one of them out. ” The boy needs to go to the sports room and asks his buddies to help him sneak out. At Ito’s house, Conan knocks out the two kidnappers and frees Kazuha. Heiji, Kazuha, and a man named Kasukawa are held hostage in the attic of somebody’s home. Jun and Detective Boys again to the hospital, and so the police understood that Conan was abducted as a hostage as an alternative to Jun. Conan manages to escape from the locked place, go to the hospital, and be questioned by the police.

In the meantime, it is revealed that Heiji is held hostage by Misari Ito, a legal professional head of a tax evasion group. Meanwhile, Conan, Ran, and Kogoro are tired of being ready for the 2 and begin looking for them based on clues from the last cellphone name. They examine these with the surname Ito; however, they cannot find information about Heiji. Ito demands Heiji to solve a code made by Kasukawa, which incorporates a seven-digit code into a protected box containing evidence of her scandal. Conan finds a memo that discloses Kenbashi Metropolis, Ito Residence. Takagi and Conan understand the trick utilized by the kidnapper to eliminate the truck tunnel. Conan solves the code, realizing that Ok, Q, and J stand for King, Queen, and Jack, and replaces them with numbers accordingly.

At first, the police suspect the stepmother of Jun, but Conan manages to display that the true perpetrator is the driver of Jun’s family. As soon as he delivers the ransom, the police put it in the van where he travels with the kidnapper; however, after being in a tunnel, it disappears into thin air as if it never was. https://anime-stickers.com The police arrive later and apprehend the criminals. In 1986, Darkish Horse Miniatures in Boise, Idaho, produced an attendant set of lead figurines; in contrast to later incarnations, the scarfs on the shop’s display set had been painted all black before the multicolored variations were released to help younger readers distinguish between the four characters aside from their weaponry. Ojarumaru is resting on his set of three portions: a pedestal, a Byōbu, and an armrest in the restroom! He’s dragged out of it by Kazuma and Makoto immediately.