Are you bored of watching routine Telugu movies?

Here comes our Rowdy baby Maari “Dhanush” with a mass action entertainer Maari 2.

South India likes its masala movies. Maari 2 is a sequel to Balaji Mohan’s Tamil movie Maari released in 2015.

“Rowdy baby” is the most viewed Tamil song on YouTube, which is from the Maari 2 movie. Maari 2 is the sequel of Maari, where Maari (Dhanush) is an uncontested don in his area who lives in Chennai along with his friends.

He is a hatchet man genuine towards his friend. Anandhi (Sai Pallavi) falls in love with the Maari attitude. She always tries to express her love towards him. Kalai and Maari were good friends. But Kalai was a drug-addicted person. Maari used to insist on his friend against the drug business. Gangadhar Beeja who was of opposite contempt and brews towards Maari. Continue to watch Maari 2 movie online packed with a couple of twists.

Why watch Maari 2 movie online now?

Genres: Action

Duration: 147 min

Language: Telugu

Watchable devices: The movie is available to watch on all supported devices.

Top 10 Reasons to watch MAARI 2 movie online today!

  1. Dhanush, as Maari, the lead role.
  2. Hilarious comedy punch dialogues by Dhanush are mind-blowing.
  3. Dhanush and Sai Pallavi nailed their roles.
  4. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja’s and background score are big assets of the movie.
  5. Prabhu Deva, along with Jani Master, choreographed the Rowdy baby song.
  6. The moves and expressions by Dhanush and Sai Pallavi are mesmerizing in the Rowdy baby song.
  7. By using aha ott, you can watch the movie at any corner of the world.
  8. Sai Pallavi is a ‘mass’ female lead in this film.
  9. Sai Pallavi  is played as an auto driver in this movie
  10. ‘Rowdy Baby’ song, a most-watched video song on YouTube.

The cast of the Movie MAARI 2

Stars:  Dhanush, Sai Pallavi, Adithaangi, Sanikelamai, Tovino Thomas

Director: Balaji Mohan

Production: Dhanush

Music: Rajashankar

Though Maari 2 is a sequel to the Maari movie, it is packed with great fun and entertainment to enjoy and experience. Maari 2 is the movie for fans and all those who are interested in the cool stories for their entertainment hours. Post-lockdown is the right time to watch action movies online. Ensure this Sunday, to watch Maari 2 movie on Aha OTT.

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Balaji Mohan directed this Maari 2 movie. Yuvan Shankar Raja composed the music for this movie. There is an attention-grabbing song Rowdy Baby from this movie is choreographed by Dance master Prabhu Deva.
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On-screen magic by the hit pair: Dhanush and Sai Pallavi

Dhanush and Sai Pallavi played the lead roles with magical on-screen fire in this Maari 2 movie. Make sure you have your time to watch online movies on Aha OTT.  Keep watching action movies online now!