Who does the localization? Leona Wilkinson, held a vigil on the last Saturday in February to memorialize the land and those who died in the massacre. So invest in Arabic content now to gain a competitive edge, while less than two percent of the internet is written in Arabic. Almost 46 million people search the internet in the Arabic language only. Arabic is the seventh most popular language online, with a growing number of internet users. Brazil is the largest internet market in Latin America, with 140 million internet users. By 2021, this country will reach an internet penetration rate of 61 percent. Businesses that invest in localization for this country will reach even higher audiences in the following years.

Despite three years of recession and high rates of unemployment, Brazil’s economy is finally showing signs of recovery. The middle east is a high growth region, with a huge potential for businesses. The 2016 Olympic Games shifted attention towards Brazil, a country with high economic potential and one of the most popular languages. Spanish is also said to be one of the easiest languages to learn, which explains why it’s one of the most popular languages. According to Common Sense Advisory, Arabic regional versions occupy an important role in digital marketing, making translation and localization difficult and more expensive than for other languages. The translation is not just rendering information from one language into another, but presenting that information in an attractive enough format to convince people to read and act upon it.

Even though English is widespread in today’s business world, your business partners will feel a lot more comfortable if you provide them with the possibility to express themselves in their native language – plus, this way, you make sure that no important information is lost due to limited language skills. The information that follows will help guide you in planning a safe and rewarding trip overseas. Whether you need a travel size dictionary for your trip to Vietnam or are learning the Vietnamese language in a classroom setting, this mini dictionary is an essential resource. When you are learning something, Perhaps you will have a boring feeling, but please remember one thing: perseverance. As the cutback becomes invariable across the world, people turn out to dich nhat viet be more vigorous in the sphere- hurrying, and that’s where the requirement for learning a foreign language occurs.