Men are very simple creatures that simply love the chase. So today, we master the art of playing hard to get to give them what they’re pretty much begging for already. Whether he wants to date a cougar in the site, get his college crush to go out with him or is trying hard to convince a long-time friend that they are made for each other, he still can’t do without the chase whether he realizes it or not. So let’s take a look at how to be elusive, seductive and too sexy for our own good!

#1: Draw Him in Then Push Him out

This sounds much easier than it actually is, but bottom line is that you have to find a way to keep drawing him in and pushing him out for as long as the window is open. For instance, every time you know you’ll see him, dress in sexy clothing but make it look as effortlessly as possible. If his friend has convinced you to go dog walking with the two of them, wear a tank top without a bra, your hair in a high messy bun and a pair of Daisy Dukes to boot.

How can you make this look seem as effortless as possible? By wearing little to no makeup but ensuring your nails are nicely polished. He’ll obviously text you after the walk and you will reply, but when he asks you to join him at a friend’s party you’ll say you’ve got other plans and offer to make it up to him. Which you will. By inviting him to your friend’s birthday party where you’ll be surrounded by a bunch of girlfriends acting as your shield.

#2: Innocently Flirt with His Friends When He’s around

Without crossing any lines flirt innocently with his friends when he’s around. Crossing the lines would be sitting in their lap or being the only person who laughs at their jokes. Instead, spend more time talking with them then you would with him, maybe even give them cute nicknames, and don’t forget to touch them in passing for him to see. You wouldn’t touch him, obviously, but you would shoot him a flirty kind of glance over a glass of wine when nobody’s looking.

#3: Send Him Cheeky Texts

You have to fuel his fire in more ways than one and texts come in handy because you can mess with his mind and he’s not around to do anything about it, such as kiss you to shut you up. Text him your random thoughts, observations, mood and tunes playing at your house late in the evening. Be funny and spontaneous, and talk yourself out of any attempt on his part to pin you down in a playful manner. Remember, he can’t live without the chase so when you really think about it you’re doing this for his own good! And if you need any more justification for your flirty behavior as you keep him at bay, this is the time he gets to seduce you too even though things may not seem that way. If he plays his cards right at this stage, you’ll be ready to make his every wish come true before he even works up the courage to kiss you.

Honorable Mention: The Grand Gesture

Datting apps are quick and easy to use, you can play this game for as long as he doesn’t make his greatest and final move – the grand gesture. If you wiggle your way out of that, you’ve lost him for good. This is the time you have to say yes if you like him or in other words, he has the power to put a stop to what you’re doing and you kind of have to ‘admit defeat’ and surrender yourself to him at this point.